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6 Steps to Become a Better Communicator/Your Online Business

How to Become a Better Communicator in your online business?

Last weekend I attended a workshop and Tim Sales was one of the trainers. The value that he gave about how to become a better communicator was phenomenal.

This was my first experience training with Tim Sales; I did have a chance to talk directly with him in one of the breakout sessions. What I learned during these 15 minutes was pretty amazing.

You see previously when I picked up the phone and started talking with my prospect’s, my only plan was to get them to the take the next step and get involved with my Online Business.

Well, it was no wonder people were just ready to get rid of me, I now have a script, if you want to call it that, to follow.

6 Steps to Become a Better Communicator In Your Online Business

1. The Greeting- Yes of course I always did this, everyone knows the first thing to do is to introduce yourself.

2. Qualifying- To qualify your prospects you want to ask them questions about themselves. You do not want to talk about you; this is all about being so interested in them, that they want to give you their life stories. Go ahead and find out what they need, want or don’t want.

3. Invite- This step is just going over everything you just found out about them in the qualifying step. Just ask them to review everything with you, so you both have the same understanding before you move on to the close.

4. The Close – These are the steps you will take to get them to agree with what you want them to do.

5. Handling Questions and Objections- Make sure you really listen to them, the key is to get them talking and so you can fully understand their objections. Once you know what they are talking about, just confirm what they just told you, ask questions and lead them to finding the solution for themselves. You want to get them to admit it was lack of training that was the problem and move on.

Most of the time the objection is going to be that they just don’t believe in MLM or they think that this is a scam. This one is an easy one to deal with let them know that there are 49.9 Million people in direct sales selling 89.2 billion in sales and that 475,000 new distributors are joining every week. Now does MLM work? Get the Yes!

6. Follow Up- Just what it says, make sure you keep in touch with your prospect so they can follow through with what they told you they need, want or don’t want.

I am now a better communicator because I have learned that it is a requirement to help others before I can make it myself. I now focus all my energy on helping others through quality conversations and am confident in doing so.

Make sure you make a copy of this article, study it and learn the steps. You should keep this in front of you when making those calls, Remember, do not move on to the next step until you have completed the one you are on. You may have questions or objections come up throughout the conversation, make sure you handle these completely, and get a yes that they understand then just move on.

Some people may tell you that in the internet age, you will never have to reach out and talk to anyone. Well I am going to let you know, this is a new world and people are much more skeptical then they were in the past.

If you are going to become successful in your online business, you had better start learning “how to become a better communicator.”

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If I Can Do It You Can Do It – Online Business

You may be sitting back and be thinking about how you can earn a better income, or how you can earn a few extra dollars a week to make life a little more comfortable so that you can go out and treat yourself to the occasional good meal at a restaurant, buy those nice pair of shoes that you saw in the shop window, buy the kids the latest electronic gadget, earn a passive income or even retire a few years early. I know because I was in the same position. I remember one day having a conversation with a friend as they told me how their friend had a retail business and things were starting to get tough. Their sales were declining, the phone wasn’t ringing as often, they weren’t seeing as many people in the local shopping centre. They were convinced that online businesses were starting to erode some of their customers. This wasn’t news to me, because every time I turned on the TV or read the papers, this seemed to be a common theme. The boom in technology, devices, the way information is delivered and stored, the way that services are now offered can only mean that this will continue to grow. I didn’t think much more of it until I ran into my friend again and I asked him whether things had improved for his friend. He explained how his friend couldn’t sit back and do nothing anymore so they decided to add online shopping as part of their business. His fortunes had started to change and the business started to improve again, their internet business was growing by the day. This situation made me evaluate what I was currently doing, and also consider what was currently going on around us in terms of technology and how this was impacting on our lives now and what this meant that the future was going to be like. I could see that if I wanted a change in my lifestyle, then I would need to consider doing things differently particularly when it came to work and earning an income. I had come to the decision that I would start an online business . Although I had shopped on the internet, I didn’t really know anything about online businesses. I started my research. I read articles, listened to podcasts, bought books, spoke with people that had online businesses. Things started to fall into place and my knowledge and confidence began to grow, I was now at the point that I was ready to start an online business. I started developing the website by spending a couple of hours a night after work and some time on my weekends. I also worked on establishing the business side of things including the legal structure, accounting structure, trading terms, developing a distribution network, opening up bank accounts, establishing electronic payment gateways. I also had to do extensive testing to ensure that the website performed the way that it was meant to. I remember turning the switch on for the site to go live, it was a sheer sense of relieve and achievement. Within a couple of days of going live, I remember my first sale. This justified the hours of research and development that I had put into the business. As any online retailer will tell you, the work only begins once the site is up and running. Although product, price and promotion are important aspects of any business, including online businesses, the biggest key is building traffic to your site.

Overcoming Your Education to Make Money on the Internet

Your ability to motivate yourself may have been compromised or even severely damaged by your schooling and home environment as a child. An acclaimed teacher in New York City had the following to say regarding what our schools and society are doing to our children and may have already done to you! The following is a list of 7 key aspects of a child’s environment and educational system which lead to an ingrained program for failure:

1. Confusion: Much of what is taught in today’s classrooms in out of context so it has no relevance to the child and is, therefore confusing.
2. Class position. Children must know their place and stay in the class where they belong.
3. Indifference. Nothing important is ever finished in many classes.
4. Emotional dependency. Most teachers teach children to surrender their will to the chain of command, using stars and red checks, smiles and frowns, prizes, honors and disgraces.
5. Intellectual dependency. The most important lesson. Children must wait for the expert authority to make all the important decisions, to tell them what to study. There is no place for curiosity, only conformity.
6. Provisional self-esteem. Because it is so difficult to make self-confident spirits conform, children must be taught that their self-respect depends on expert opinion. They must be constantly tested, evaluated, judged, graded, and reported on by certified officials. Self-evaluation is irrelevant – we learn that we must be told what we are worth.
7. You can’t hide. Children are always watched. No privacy. People can’t be trusted.
What are the consequences of these lessons that we have been taught and that are still being taught to our children?
* The private Self is almost non-existent; children develop a superficial personality borrowed from TV shows.

* Desperate dependence

* Unease with intimacy or candor; dislike for parents; no real close friends; lust replaces love.

* Indifference to the adult world; very little curiosity about anything; boredom.

* A poor sense of the future; consciousness limited to the present.

* Cruelty to each other.

* Striking materialism.

* The expectation to fail; the idea that success has to be stolen.

When you work at your job, it may be in an environment where you just have to do what you’re told to “succeed” in your assigned position (i.e., get paid without getting fired). Your job may never involve any critical, independent or important decisions on your part, and you may never experience the power of positive decision making. You may operate in a structure or system where your decisions are largely irrelevant and unwanted. So you never learn how to make those potentially life-changing decisions.
* We are forced to conform so we will fit into the “norm” of society. We become predictable drones.

* We are thwarted in recognizing and using our innate genius and talents; Our spirits are broken.

* Many of us take on a parasitic nature — we become consumers rather than producers.

* We are brainwashed into believing that the authorities in our lives know better than us and we become fearful of making any moves or decisions independently or in opposition to those authorities. Those authorities may be our parents, teachers or society in general.

* We are presented with artificial problems not related to reality, causing a disconnect or alienation from reality. Their lives are stripped of significant experiences and so, when faced with “real life” decisions, we are lost.

* We are conditioned to work for others, and to follow orders. Go to school and get a good job.

* Our internal motivation is extinguished.

In trying to make money on the Internet, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE! It’s up to you to make decisions, take actions, and produce results. Although there may a kind of support system or structure, there’s no boss standing over you to ensure that you do your work. It’s an environment very different from a job.

So, in order to successfully make money on the internet, we need to break ourselves of these bad habits, negative thinking and defeatist attitudes with which most of us have been saturated. And perhaps THE #1 most powerful way to quickly break these chains is to start making money on the internet IMMEDIATELY. That’s called instant gratification and YOU can achieve it. We’ll show you how.

Residual Internet Income from Home

First, let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Chris and I have been working for myself for the last 6 years. I graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering and began the career put before me. I did what was expected of me. I showed up for work in my uniform (suit and tie), put in my hours (and then some) and, in exchange, the company I worked for gave me a salary. I did that for 25 years!

Most of you reading this article are probably in similar situations. You show up for work and do your job and you get paid; then you do it all over again the next week. Repeat as necessary to pay the bills. You probably work 5 out of 7 days each week and maybe get 2 or 3 weeks of vacation during the year. Again, repeat as necessary to pay your child’s tuition or the mortgage or whatever. You have become an indentured servant of the system. You can’t start a new career because you would be starting off with an entry level salary and your bills are too high for that, right? So what do you do? You continue to trade your hours for dollars until retirement, right?

But you want to quit your job, right? But if you quit, so does your income. That’s why I searched high and low for some form of RESIDUAL income that I could build that would be sustainable for the long haul. First, what is residual income? Residual income is money that you make when you’re NOT working and it can come from multiple sources. But you have to either have somebody or something working FOR you while you’re out enjoying life the way it should be enjoyed.

Not wanting the hassle of having any employees (insurance, human resources, hiring, firing, etc.), I ruled out having someBODY work for me. That left someTHING. But what? Here were my criteria: * No recruiting of people

* No requirement to buy product

* No requirement to sell product

* FREE to get started. Nothing to buy…no buying e-books, no “shiny objects” promising to make me a millionaire by next week.

* No multi-level or network marketing where only the top 2% get all the money

* FREE training available

* No upfront investment required


* FAST results

Well, I found it and I took action immediately. I found a step-by-step guide on how to make money from the internet with little or no investment. I started right away and I was making money within 24 hours. No kidding. So take action now… that’s the only way you’ll succeed.

Building a genuine home based business

The stagnant US economy has left millions of people to look online for extra income. According to the latest statistics, there are approximately 10 million people in the US that are looking for ways to make money online. They vary from different social economic backgrounds, so it is not just the unemployed that are looking for a genuine home based business. With this demand comes thousands of opportunities, programs, and different concepts and ideas that offer people ways to make money online.

People have different reasons for wanting to build a business online, different goals, different expectations, and many just want something real, that makes money, a genuine home based business that is easy to operate, that is also inexpensive. If you think about it, the traditional way of starting a business has a lot of costs involved, a lot of overhead expenses and a lot of fixed costs. So, it is understandable why the home based business approach is very appealing to tens of millions of people in the US and many more around the world.

Having said that, there is a stark difference between programs and opportunities that offer quick cash, and the genuine home based business opportunities that offer, in addition to upfront cash commissions on sales, a consistent, reliable residual income. Residual income is a concept very familiar to most internet marketers, but most really don’t understand it. Most opportunities have some type of structure to earn a residual income. However, there are a few home based business opportunities that delivers a reliable residual income stream based on the compensation plan.

These type of businesses are in my assessment, the best genuine home based business opportunities. They provide a foundation to build a business that is strong, where there are not a lot of breakage, and a more solid structure for the organization. I have always compared this to the building of a house. What makes certain houses crumble during a natural disaster like an earthquake, while other houses next to them stand firm? I believe this is due to how strong the houses were built and the strength of their foundation.

Building a home based business is very similar in that regard. In this tough economic condition that we are in, building a genuine home based business that will provide a consistent, reliable residual income stream takes a lot of work. And that scares a lot of internet marketers. For those that are not afraid of the hard work, persistence, and perseverance required, there are genuine home based business opportunities out there that provide the mechanism to earn a significant reliable residual income. One such company is Sisel International.

Sisel International is a unique company in the health and wellness field that closely defines a genuine home based business. First of all, it is not an MLM, it is not a program, and it is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a solid business with a variety of products that people use on a daily basis. It has a very strong infrastructure, distribution channels, manufacturing capacity, product research and development, product marketing and branding, global markets, competitive advantage, and great products that makes a difference in people’s health.

And best of all, for the entrepreneurial minded, business professionals, it has a compensation plan that is without question the best in the industry. Sisel’s compensation plan is very lucrative, with high payouts on initial sales, an industry leading 16% residual on repeat orders and numerous bonuses that skyrockets the total compensation beyond the residual income component. Even more impressive is that the business does allow an entrepreneur to achieve a reliable residual income stream, month after month, year after year because of the uniqueness of the company.

The Best Thing About Working for Myself

After I retired from public service, I wasn’t ready to stop working. After helping others realize their potential for the last 30+ years, I still wanted to help people but in a different way. And I knew that working for me was the way to go. Studies have shown that self-employed adults are significantly more satisfied with their jobs than other workers. And they’re also more likely to work because they want to and not because they need to.

One of the best things about self-employment is that it is up to me to make things happen. Some people might be intimidated by that, like being directly responsible for putting food on the table, and deciding what today’s schedule will be but I wasn’t. I am in control. I can decide how much or how little I am going to work. And best of all I chooses which projects or activities that I’ll do and which others I can hire someone else to.

The second best thing about self-employment is that it strengthens my faith and beliefs. It isn’t always easy and I am the first to admit that like everything else, being self-employed has its ups and downs. But tough times build character and best of all activate our inner creativity. It’s amazing that each time I go through a rough patch, I’m indifferent or unmotivated, something kick-starts my inner creativity and I am to figure out a solution. I may lean on the Lord for inspiration and guidance but I know that I have the tools to get through the storm.

Another great thing about being self-employed is that I get paid to do what I want to do. I love to help people and being the owner of a health and wellness consultant. For as little as $45 a month, I have access to life enhancing products, great marketing support and an unlimited income opportunity. I get to travel to different cities for conferences, I work with great people and I can get as much help as I need.

Finally, the best thing about working for me is that I Can Be More of Me. I’ll be honest, at first I struggled. The whole idea of “being self-employed” was frightening. But the Nikken team made it really easy for me to get started. They provided me with educational materials that gave me a solid foundation of the magnetic, sleep and air and water technology that I’d be providing to my customers. I took advanced training courses such as the Humans Being More® which helped me understand myself so that I would be able to better serve others. It taught me how to communicate better with others so that I wasn’t held back anymore but I awoke each day to limitless possibilities.

Working for yourself isn’t just a career choice, it’s a life choice. I can make a difference each and every day. My customers are more than that to me. They become my friends. I can’t think of a time in my life that I was happier than I am now. And I’ve only just begun.

A Start-Up Guide To Internet Marketing From Home

In this article I want to set out the basics of starting your very own business on the internet working from home, even if you don’t know the first thing about Internet Marketing. This article can be used as a check list and will help you stay focused and make it easier to set up and improve your very own business from the comfort of your own home.

To help you begin your internet marketing career, I have listed the ‘Must Haves’ you will need, and to know about if you are to stand any chance of success.

Find a Market – Find a market before you decide on a product. Also try to find an area that you are personally interested in. If you do find something, it will be easier to stay motivated. Use Google to search different keywords. Try researching with Yahoo to see what else is selling. Check eBay and Amazon for all their different categories. And use the big Internet Networks to look for interesting markets. After your first project is up and running, then you can start looking for your next one. Remember it is very easy to jump from one project to the next before the first one is finished. So try to find a project that you like and stay with it until its making you an income.

Find a Product – After finding a market you will need to find a product to sell. You could search the internet to see what other people are selling to get some ideas. Or maybe you can sell a product as an affiliate or another affiliate’s product. Remember try to be original. If you are an imaginative person you could find a product someone else is selling and make it a little better, or different, and cheaper. If you choose to sell digital products you will find many extra benefits such as: no shipping or handling fee, low start up costs, and your profit margin will be close to 100 percent and your customer will get the product right away.

Get a Domain Name – You will want to have your own domain name. Try to think of a few different names because your first choices may not be available. Choose a short name and it will be easier for people to remember. If possible get domain names ending with .com or .co or .org or .net or .info etc you should also try to get a name to match your product. And use keywords in your domain name to get a better listing on search engines.

Hosting – The purpose of a hosting company is to keep your website running properly. They will make sure everything is working properly so your customers can navigate through it and buy your product or service. This is a very important. If your website is not working properly then you are losing money. You may find some free hosting companies, but you really do get what you pay for. It is much better if you use a paid hosting company.

Personal Website – If you do not have one already, create a personal website so your customers can buy your products 24/7. You will be competing with lots of other website’s so try to make yours stand out. If your site takes a long time to download your potential customers will go somewhere else. Remember its words that sell products not graphics. To get ideas for your website search the web and look for sites that you like.

Payment Processing – To collect money for your products you will need a payment processor. Make sure that you can accept all payment methods. You may also want to use PayPal. The more ways you can collect money the more sales you will make. And if you are selling a digital product you may want to use one of the big internet network companies.

Auto Responders – If you want to make your internet business easier, then you will want to automate as much as possible by using auto responders. You can automate a lot of your every day business tasks leaving you to concentrate on more important things. Here are a few examples: send out email ads to everyone on your list at regular intervals. Send out emails automatically whenever someone buys one of your products. Have all of your digital products sent out automatically. And with auto responders you can collect names and email addresses and add them to your list of customers.

Free Advertising – This may be a good place to start if your funds are limited. But this will be slower than paid advertising and will take a lot more time. If you are spending a lot of time with free advertising and not getting the results you like, then you may want to try something else. Keep in mind when using free advertising someone else may place their ad with yours and this is not very professional. Also when you join these free advertising sites it usually means everyone on that site can send free advertising to you. So you will receive lot of unwanted emails.

Paid Advertising – With paid advertising you should get better results. At first you may think posting your ad(s) to as many people as possible will make you the most money. But this is not a good idea for a couple of reasons. A lot of people will not have an interest in your product so they will probably not even read your ad. And you may be accused of spamming which is something you never want to do. So always try to place your ad(s) with specific targeted group(s).

Compile a List – This gets a big thumbs up. Start collecting a list of names and email addresses as soon as possible, add to your list often because it will make you money over and over again. Whenever you need extra money you can send an email promoting a product to your list. So you will want to collect names and emails addresses by offering free stuff and by having them join your newsletter and of course whenever they buy your product.

I mention a Newsletter above because it is a good idea to publish one to keep potential customers up-to-date with the product(s) you are selling or promoting.

I’ts important to promote yourself whenever and wherever you can. Invest part of your profits for good information that will help expand your business, and take the time to take that information on board and use it effectively.

Feel free to visit the web pages in my Resource/Bio to get some links to products that are marketed online and maybe one or two of them may help you to get started as an affiliate.

7 Killer Ways to Earn Money Working From Home

The internet is a place that has a lot of opportunities to earn an income if you know where to find them. Using your existing skills and a computer, you could be well on your way to an extra online income in no time. One thing that many people fail to realize and that is earning money online is a real job and not some game. If you read ads claiming that you can make money in your sleep with no work on your part, run the other way. Jobs on the internet are not get-rick-quick schemes that do not require any devotion, hard work or time. The good news is that you can have everything to start earning. You simply need to start of with interest and determination to earn and be on your way to a good online job that can bring steady income.
Below we have put together a list of the top ways to make money on the Internet, in no particular order.

Make Money through Freelance Online Jobs.

The internet provides the perfect platform for freelancers to earn money by providing services based on their skill sets. If you have skills, such as writing, computer programming or web design this could be good for you to do. There are many websites where buyer posts their requirements for a particular assignment and freelancers can bid for that assignment. The buyer then selects the service provider for the assignment and assigns the task to them. There are lots of freelance jobs are available in different freelance job sites. By working in these sites you can earn money from home.

Make Money From Ebay

All you need to do is sell an item for more than it cost you in the first place and voila, your eBay business is operating profitably. The items can be anything like used electronic items, furniture, computers, jewelry, toys etc. If you want to make more money on eBay, sell your items in lots. Search eBay for the hottest trends and see how often and how many people purchase the item before deciding to purchase the item wholesale.

Make Money Taking Surveys

The reason you will get paid to take surveys is because marketing companies want to know what consumers like and dislike. All you have to do is to sign up with a market research company. The company will send you emails when you qualify for one of the surveys. You will have to fill up the survey and submit it. For every completed survey you will be earning money. Always remember, there are many spam website. You must research well reputed website before joining and taking surveys.

Earn Money With Google AdSense

Google AdSense program is an internet marketing program where advertiser pays website owner for each ad click. If you are a website owner, then this is for you. There are thousands of people around the world who have AdSense account and they earn lots of money with it. Unfortunately a lot of people fail to make money with AdSense because they set up small websites and then forget about them. To achieve success you need to create a high quality websites and do some good marketing to drive visitors to your site.

Make Money Selling Photos Online

Stock photography can earn you money over and over again. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to start making an income from selling your photos, and the beauty of this is that you do all of this online by uploading your pictures to stock picture websites.

Make Money From Forex Trading

In the Forex market currencies are traded in pairs, therefore to profit from an exchange rate move you need to buy the currency that you expect will build and sell the other. People have always made money from the conversion from one type of currency to another. Even back before banks existed, someone was always willing to exchange your money for another type for a suitable price. Today, the Forex market has grown into a business that deals with trillions of trades each day. With the advent of the Internet, anyone can join in and try to make a fortune.

Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank

Affiliate marketing is basically just the marketing of other people’s products, so that you can receive a portion of the gross proceeds from what you sell. Making money from Clickbank is actually pretty easy, even as a newbie marketer you can make real money online by promoting the right products to people who want them. All you need to do is sign up for affiliate account and follow their instructions. Research the product you are promoting. When you try to blindly promote a product that you really don’t know anything about, it makes it difficult to tell your potential customers exactly why they should buy it. If it’s reasonably priced, buy it and try it out before you start your marketing campaigns.

You can be successful online, but it is not going to happen overnight. The key is to keep working toward your goal and never give up.

Online Businesses for Stay at Home Moms

Online businesses for stay at home moms are becoming more popular every day. The need to be at home and make money tears the hearts of many women as they try to decide what they should do or not do. If you are a mother, and you are reading this article, you can be hopeful! There are some great options of how you can make money online easily, and with a little

Most Online Businesses are Affordable to Start

One misconception about online businesses for stay at home moms is that they are expensive to market. They really aren’t, especially when you are considering how to get one started, how to run it and maintain it. You should also keep in mind that when you compare the cost of a brick and mortar business to an online business, the level of expense is dramatically lower, hands down.

In fact, let me give you my first example which would be on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has no cost involved to get signed up, which is great. In some cases, depending on the retailer or the product you wish to promote, you may or may not have to pay a fee to buy a special website or banner ad.

Amazon offers many different ways to do this, and is a bit more involved; however, generally speaking most retailers don’t require this. It’s free to sign up, they give you access to HTML code, and you can copy and paste that into your blog without too much trouble.

Businesses on the Internet are Easy to Work Around

You may or may not already realize this, but online businesses for stay at home moms are easy to work around. This is because with online marketing, you can access it or change anything you wish at any time of the day.

Being a stay at home mom is demanding, so you have to keep up with it and your kids. However, it doesn’t have to be all that hard if you can figure out a routine of some sort. During naptimes is a great time to get things done if possible and we all know that you still have to keep the place clean too, which isn’t easy!

So, with an online business, it’s easy for stay at home moms to do what they need to do, and have the ability to earn an income as well.

An Online Business Can be Super Profitable

If you have never heard the story of Michelle Pescosolido, then this will do your heart good. Michelle was a stay at home mom who was working a side business in network marketing and wasn’t making a lot when she first started.

However, once she learned the power of marketing online, Michelle grew her business into a six figure income within 6 months. With an additional 6 months of trial and error, she realized it would stick and brought her husband home from his job in corporate America.

So, no matter what others tell you, you can see the benefit of an online business! If you are a mom who wants to stay at home to have more time with your children, but still need to have an income, then having an online business can make that possible. It provides the potential for making money and having the flexibility that is beneficial to family life.

Starting An Online Business/ 8 Things to think about?

Since I lost my job and started my online business, I could not even imagine doing anything else. I love the benefits that come along with working from the comfort of home.

I guess I never realized what it really took when I first got started my online business other than I could set my own hours and that I
wouldn’t have to work for anyone else. So today I am going to share with you 8 things to think about when getting started.

1. Start Now- Yes Right Now – Don’t hesitate, this is the Biggest mistake you can do. Do not think you have to learn everything before taking action. This was ME! You will never learn all the skills needed to get started. You will learn from your mistakes. There has never been a better time than right now. You will learn as you go.

2. Set those Goals for yourself! Actually write them down. If you don’t have any goals set you don’t have any where to go. Having set goals for yourself, you now know what you want and can get started achieving them.

3. Stay Focused -There are so many distractions out there that this alone can deter you from reaching your goals. Make a list of things that you are going to do everyday and do them. Get yourself a timer and use it, set a time for yourself to check your e-mails, post on facebook, time to write your blog posts, are you getting the point. If you feel you need to do this more often then schedule it 2 times a day, but stick to it.

4. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself, yes you will have to take risks, but this will just help your online business grow. You will have to spend money to make money. I am going to tell you from my own experience here, if someone tells you they will do something for free, I would turn and run the other direction. Nothing is for free, somehow, someway; you will end up paying the price.

5. Quit thinking about the money. Focus your energy on the things that will help you gain money, like building your site or creating products or content that gives value and then driving traffic to your sites. Believe me the money will come if you stick with this.

6. Find something you are passionate about, your niche ( product or service) for your online business. If you love what you are doing then you will make money.

I love helping others-See this is my Motto Love What You Do & Do What You Love! If it is not something that you love to do you will loose interest and quit. What are you good at? What would your friends say you are good at? Now go and create your site around that niche. Do a Google search, learn more and start researching all you can about this niche.

7. Work hard on your personal development, your communication skills, your mindset, your self discipline, ect.. If you don’t work on these your online business is going to fail.

8. Get started and never quit! Yes this can be done, you don’t have to be a big guru or an expert to make money, you just need to take action. Don’t get me wrong isn’t going to happen overnight and it will take a lot of work, but it will be so well worth it in the long run.

My main objective is to help you find an easier way then I had to do things to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.